Just Say No to Trevor Hoffman

Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Trevor Hoffman throws the third of three pitches to get out of a jam in the ninth inning for the 3-2 save against the St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium in St. Louis on August 18, 2010. UPI/Bill Greenblatt Photo via Newscom

The news spread like a wildfire this morning.  The Arizona Diamondbacks were looking into the possibility of signing Trevor Hoffman, most recently of the Milwaukee Brewers.  He is the all-time closer for the San Diego Padres.  I have two words for the D'backs, Emmitt Smith.

The Arizona Cardinals got Emmitt Smith about three to four years after he stopped being relevant in the NFL.  Now, you can say the same about Hoffman.  Don't get me wrong,  Hoffman would be a great pickup, if this was 2007 or earlier, but the Dbacks want to get better, not older and worse.  Hoffman would be a one year guy at best.

Hoffman has an ERA over 8.00 in the first half of the season before pitching much better in the second half of the season.  There is a reason the Brewers went in another direction though.  Sure, I know D'backs general manager Kevin Towers knows him well.  Hoffman played for Towers in San Diego.  It's just that this would be nice if it was about 10 years earlier.

It's not about spending the money.  It's not even really the fact he would be that much worse than what we had in 2010.  However, the idea is to get better, not stay the same.  This idea is ridiculous.  The D'backs need to get serious about replacing the bullpen.  Bringing in Hoffman shows the D'backs may be a desperate move more than anything else.  Either that or the market for a quality reliever is that dried up and we might as well throw the towel in for 2011 before we even get started.

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