Baseball as a Global Sport

When one talks about baseball, one thinks about a game that is All American in nature. Baseball, which is widely known as America’s pastime has now become a sport recognized and loved all over the world. Countries from all over Europe, South America and Asia have now been considered as a hotbed of talent for future stars of the game. The “All American” ball game has now become global. In fact, the current champion of the World Baseball Classic is Japan, who last won in 2009. It is commonly thought that the game originated in the United States. But a French manuscript from 1344 shows clerics playing a bat and ball game, similar to the modern game of baseball. It may just well be the forerunner of the game millions have come to love. France for one, has been a prominent fixture in international baseball in recent years. They have qualified for the World Cup finals three times, the first in 1994. France has sent several of their baseball players to try their luck in Major League Baseball. Joris Bert (Los Angeles Dodgers), Frederic Hanvi (Minnesota Twins), and Andy Paz (Oakland Athletics) were the first Frenchmen to have played in the minor leagues. Just recently, Alexandre Roy became the next prospect from France to be called in the league, after being signed by the Seattle Mariners.

Baseball success worldwide is proof that sports, transcends all nations and race. It is a venue where everyone who has the passion for a particular game can go out and compete with other people. And baseball isn’t the only game which is popular to both fans and athletes alike. One particular game that has also become popular worldwide is poker. An all time favorite with card players, the game also traces its roots from the USA. Among the notable baseball players who are known to play the game are former Arizona Diamondbacks all stars like Luis Gonzales, Justin Upton, and Conor Jackson. These former Diamondbacks have even competed in several celebrity poker tournaments, a proof for their love of the game. Many have developed their playing skills thru online poker sites like Partypoker. Online poker sites like partypoker, has been credited to have helped in developing the game into a spectator sport. Not only can viewers follow tournaments on television, they could also play the game in the comfort of their own home. One just needs to go to partypoker to sign up and join in their games. For those who wish to know the basics of the game, you can go to for the tutorials. Current Arizona Diamondback catcher, Miguel Angel Montero, attributes his improved poker skills to the ease and access of online poker sites.

Just like the World Baseball Classic, Poker too has its own version in the World Series of Poker. And just as the card game has grown into a global sport, baseball will still be a favorite among sports fans around the world. As evident in today’s Major League Baseball, international players have started to create their own niche in the history of the game. Most of them have played in the biggest stage of the game, which is the World Series. And with the game reaching out to young players like France’ Alexandre Roy, the future certainly looks bright for the sport, once considered to be only one nation’s pastime.

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