Betting on the Arizona Diamondbacks

The 2013 MLB season ended in triumph for the Red Sox, who clinched victory in the World Series, but for those who love baseball (and baseball betting) discussion about which sides can be contenders for honors next time round has already started. People will have started to hit bookmakers to place bets on next season just days after the final of World Series, but one side that is likely to be flying under the radar of many are the Diamondbacks in the NL West Division. They are certainly not one of the teams that attract a lot of casual gambling interest, but that doesn’t mean they should be written off.

Indeed the bookies have most certainly not written off the Diamondbacks chances next season, for either the National League pennant or the World Series itself. Their pre-season odds for the former, of 12/1, place them nicely just outside of the hot favorites – and could well make them an attractive pick. Equally, odds of 33/1 for the World Series means that they are an outsider bet, without being a crazy gamble, making them appealing if you prefer a higher ratio of risk to reward. This latter bet would be quite a bit riskier than picking them for the NL pennant though, and if you like the idea but can’t bring yourself to chance it, there are always baseball games you can play at a casino online.

Although it is not the only such baseball themed game, the slot Hot Shot is perhaps the best one you can find at these sites. The five reels and nine pay lines are fairly standard, but from that point on, it’s a unique experience. For starters there are the visuals, of a green baseball field as the backdrop and the hitters, pitchers, catchers gloves, baseball caps and trophies on the reels. However, alongside the $2000 jackpot, probably the highlight of this game for baseball fans is the cleverly integrated sound effects – such as bat hitting ball when you win a payout. It adds real atmosphere and excitement to the game, letting you feel like a star player in the MLB.

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