Trevor Chaill is vital to D'back playoff hopes in 2014. Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Trevor Cahill Can Bounce Back

Last week, I proposed that with or without Masahiro Tanaka, the Arizona Diamondbacks will be a playoff contender in 2014. One of the reasons I listed was that Trevor Cahill would bounce back from a subpar 2013. With a career-low eight victories last year, it is only logical (at least to me) that the big righty should be able to increase that number by four.

The trade that brought the sinkerballer to Arizona is one of the more maligned deals that was made by GM Kevin Towers. The D’backs sent Jarrod Parker, who has won 25 games in two seasons, and Ryan Cook, who was an All-Star in 2012, to get Cahill from the Oakland A’s. So far, Cahill has gone 21-22 in his two seasons here. However, at the time of the trade, this looked like a good one for the Snakes. Cahill was 23 year old and had already won 40 times in the Major Leagues. It is hard to find those type of credentials in someone so young. I know it feels as though his two years in Phoenix have been terrible but the ERA has actually been lower in Arizona (3.87) than it was in Oakland (3.91). A back injury in 2013 caused Cahill to not make 30 starts and throw 200 innings, the first time he has not reached those numbers in a season over his career.

If the D’backs have playoff aspirations, Trevor Cahill needs to be a guy who can be counted on to take his turn every fifth day. That has been his track record during most of his time with the A’s and D’backs. I have the confidence that Trevor Cahill can get 12 wins and throw 210 innings in 2014.

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