I would like to see Gerardo Parra and Mark Trumbo sign contracts before their arbitration hearings. Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Time to Take Care of Gerardo Parra and Mark Trumbo

With the Business of Tanaka done, it is time to move on to other pressing matters. While most expect the Arizona Diamondbacks to focus on a acquiring another starting  pitcher, I would rather they focus on taking care of business in-house. That means signing Gerardo Parra and Mark Trumbo before their arbitration hearings are held next month.

Arbitration is a lousy process. Who wants to be a player and hear your superiors belittle you in the hopes of not losing their case? In the case of these two players, it is imperative that this gets wrapped up before going to hearings. For Parra, a hearing will re-enforce the notion to many fans that the D’backs simply don’t believe in him as a full time player. The two sides were able to avoid a hearing last year and hopefully that outcome will be the same this year. However, most of us would prefer not to have this dance next year. Let’s hope some sort of extension can be reached so I don’t have to write about this again. As for Trumbo, imagine that your first act as a member of the Diamondbacks is to hear your new employer point out your flaws.  First the team trades for him because he was wanted, then they knock him to keep his salary lower? That seems to be a little awkward, no?

The numbers for the two players are as follows: Parra is seeking $5.3 million while the club is offering $4.2 million. Trumbo is asking for $5.85 million while the D’backs are countering with $3.4 million. Prediction: both reach agreements before their respective hearings with Parra signing a two year deal and Trumbo signing for one season.

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