Paul Goldschmidt defeated Mike Trout in the first round of "The Face of MLB" contest. Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Diamondback Fans Bring Their "A" Game

We interrupt this blog about players, rumors and the like to bring you this special report.

Fans of the Arizona Diamondbacks rock!

For the second consecutive year, is running its “Face of MLB” contest. It is a tournament-style bracket where one player from each team is pitted against one another with the winner determined by the number of votes on Twitter. For more information, click here. On day two of the first round, the D’backs’ Paul Goldschmidt was matched up against Mike Trout. Despite all the good that Goldy has done, he was paired up against a guy who I thought would win the tournament. Trout is everywhere: Subway commercials, big market, on the intro to “MLB Tonight”, you name it. It looked as though Goldy would go down to defeat in the first round.

Then the D’back fans rose up. For a team “that no one cares about” as someone told me recently, their fans were loud and they were plentiful. Since I live in New York, it is easy for some to dismiss the Snakes. However, I consistently tell them the organization has a loaded system and that you can’t afford to sleep on them.  I also tell them that their fan base is underrated and while not as large as other markets, they are just as passionate and as knowledgeable as any big city team’s base. And when the dust settled, Goldschmidt beat the almighty Trout 53% to 47%. Take a moment, Dback fans, to raise that arm as high as you can and give yourself a big, pat on the back.

Round 2 will have Goldy go up against defending champion Joey Votto. After his first round win and with the help of a loud and proud D’back army, don’t count out Goldy.

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