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Signing Bronson Arroyo Makes Perfect Sense

I admit it, I am a little biased. In more than one post, I have advocated for the Arizona Diamondbacks to sign Bronson Arroyo. Now that the deal is a reality, I have not wavered in my support. Some might think committing at least $23.5 million dollars to a soon-to-be 37-year old pitcher with a lot of innings on his arm is foolish.  I can’t argue with that. However, I think Arroyo still has some fuel left in his tank. His numbers in 2013, broken down by start, does not indicate a dropoff in production is coming. Even if they get only a season and a half worth of good performances out of the righty, the money will have been well-spent.

Even if we believe the D’backs had enough depth in their potential starting rotation (including Archie Bradley), the thought of signing a guaranteed 13 win, 200 inning guy to strengthen that depth is a no-brainer. The D’backs had a total of nine pitchers start games for them in 2013. When you add Arroyo to the current mix, the Snakes have a total of seven starting pitchers. It means management will have some tough decisions to make as the team gets closer to the regular season. Will Randall Delgado be sent to the bullpen? Does Arroyo’s presence mean Bradley goes to Triple A Reno? These types have decisions are what organizations refer to as good problems to have.

One other thing: the two guaranteed years of Arroyo’s contract serve as a perfect bridge to the D’back hurlers in the Minor League system. The rotation heading into 2016 looks like Bradley, Patrick Corbin, Wade Miley, Braden Shipley and Jose Martinez. If the latter two are not ready, Arroyo’s option could be picked up to give one of them more time to develop. In fact, the more I think and write about it, the more I love the signing of Bronson Arroyo.

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