You can now add D'back Player Rep to Paul Goldschmidt's resume. Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Goldschmidt is Now the Diamondbacks' Player Rep

“With great power comes great responsibility”. The first time I heard this sentence was in Spiderman, the 2002 version. Well, now that quote can apply to Paul Goldschmidt after his wonderful 2013 season. In addition to spreading some goodwill in Australia and being the Face of the Arizona Diamondbacks, Goldy can now add D’back Player Representative to his plate.

Brad Ziegler, who had served as the team’s union rep, has moved up the MLB Player’s Association ladder and is now serving on the Executive Subcommittee. Among other things, this committee just helped broker the new rule involving home plate collisions. His new position will require him to be on conference calls regarding issues such as the Collective Bargaining Agreement and the Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program. Ziegler had this to say about Goldy as his replacement, according to Steve Gilbert at

“He’s intelligent, he cares and he wants to know, and that’s the kind of guy you need to represent the team because he’s not afraid to go and ask guys, ‘What are your thoughts on this?'”

Knowing Paul Goldschmidt like we think we do, are we surprised at this turn of events? I am sure he will do just a fine a job as Ziggy did and could follow in the same path onto the Executive Subcommittee once Brad is ready to give it up. It’s just another hat to wear for Super (or is it Spider?) Goldy.

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