Trevor Cahill's 2014 has started has badly as his 2013 ended. Credit: Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

How Much Slack Will Trevor Cahill Get?

Did any of us see the Arizona Diamondbacks losing both games to the Los Angeles Dodgers in Australia? Considering the two pitchers the Dodgers threw at the D’backs, surely it must have crossed our minds. The D’backs had Wade Miley in the first game which would at least offer fans some glimmer of hope. Then it was Trevor Cahill‘s turn in game two. Despite the numbers Cahill enjoyed against the Dodgers leading up to this tilt (6-0, 2.01 ERA), didn’t you just get the sense that he was going to get hammered on Saturday night?

It is clear that the woes of 2013 have carried over into this year. The old adage is that you can’t judge a player by his Spring Training numbers. However, one look at Cahill’s final two months of last season and his starts before this weekend should have sent out some red flags. If four of his final five starts last year, he walked four batters. How many free passes did he issue Saturday? Four. Over the final two months of season, the big righty made it past six innings twice over nine starts. Saturday? Four. I know it wasn’t just me that thought I was watching a game from last June instead of March 2014. The question is, how long will management continue to allow this ineffectiveness? We were told that the five best pitchers from Spring Training would be in the starting rotation. Cahill had a one start audition in the regular season. He has not been one of the five best this Spring. If not for the injury to Patrick Corbin, would we see have seen him sent to the bullpen after Saturday’s performance?

By their words and their actions, the D’backs have their sights set on a playoff berth in 2014. If Trevor Cahill continues to regress, he won’t be having a major role in getting the team there.

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