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Arizona Diamondbacks' Season Spiraling Out of Control

At 4-12 and having given up three first inning runs tonight already, the season of the Arizona Diamondbacks is in danger of falling apart. Before you say, “well it’s only 16 games”, ask yourself this: when exactly do you start to be concerned? While it’s impossible to say that a season is over in mid-April, you have to be aware of the dire circumstances at the moment and how much work it will be just to even their record by the end of September.

The D’backs need a stretch of playing eight games over .500 just to break even. Doesn’t anyone envision that now? Their starting pitchers can’t get through five innings. Their bullpen can’t get any important outs. Their offense wakes up too late. And before you reference the Los Angeles Dodgers of 2013 who were 12 games under .500 as late as June 21st, even the most hearty of Snakes’ fans have to admit their talent is not as good as LA’s. Who is their Clayton Kershaw? As great as Paul Goldschmidt is, one man does not make an entire lineup. The fans sense this. Chase Field is already as quiet as a library and if you read social media at all, many of them have justified fears that this team is baseball’s biggest joke right now.

As I write this, the New York Mets have just taken a 7-0 lead in the fourth inning. Who out there thinks the D’backs will be winning this game? I don’t. I almost titled this post, “It’s Official: the Arizona Diamondbacks Are the Worst Team in Baseball”. That may very well be the title of my next post.

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