Dave Duncan may have made Kirk Gibson laugh in this photo but no so much after his appearance on MLB Network Radio. Credit: Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Dave Duncan Sounds Off

Amidst the hoopla surrounding the Arizona Diamondbacks hiring Tony LaRussa, there was another person connected to the franchise that had some bold and interesting choice words. Dave Duncan, LaRussa’s right-hand man for so long and now a special assistant in the D’backs’ organization had some rather harsh assessments on the state of the Arizona pitching. Here is a sampling of his interview Sunday morning on MLB Network Radio, as written by Nick Piecoro at azcentral.com.

On what he is doing at the moment:

“I’m in Mobile, Alabama, right now watching the Double-A club play, and this club is leading this division by four games, I think, and I’m trying to evaluate what they have down here. And, so far, I haven’t been overly impressed.”

While complimenting Chase Anderson, who was just promoted from Mobile, Duncan also stated that he thought Anderson was a back-of-the-roation starter.

On what he sees in Archie Bradley:

“He still has a lot to do to be a legitimate guy to consider for the major-league rotation,” Duncan said. “He has decent control of his fastball. At times, he’s above average in velocity. At times, he’s average in velocity. So there’s no consistency there with his velocity. His breaking ball is very inconsistent, and he virtually has an unusable change-up.”

If Kevin Towers and company has listened to or has read these quotes, they may want to get their resumes ready. Duncan’s words do not look favorably upon KT and anyone in the scouting department. I am really curious to hear what Dunc would have to say about Braden Shipley and Aaron Blair, the two highest-rated D’back pitchers after Bradley and who are both in Single A ball right now. Perhaps the thoughts expressed by Duncan are also that of LaRussa. It’s enough to make those of us who were giddy about the pitching in the Minor League system to think twice about how bright the future really is.



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