Diamondbacks News

Byrnes Arrives With Pitchers and Catchers

By Scott Allen

No, the Arizona Diamonbacks are not going to experiment with outfielder Eric Byrnes as a pitcher of catcher.  It may have only seemed that way when he reported to camp with group on Saturday.

After a dismal 2008 season plagued with poor play and injury, Byrnes comes into the 2009 season as the team’s fourth outfielder.  He should be so lucky.  Rumors swirled that the Dbacks were going to trade or release him after what many considered to be a bust after signing a huge contract in the offseason last year.

It is nice to see Byrnes doing everything he can to get back into playing shape and work himself back into some sort of rotation in the outfield.  As of right now though, with the emergence of Conor Jackson as the current left fielder, Byrnes could have a tough time seeing starting time.  With Chris Young in centerfield and Justin Upton in right, Byrnes is facing an uphill battle to get back into the good graces.

Actually if you think about it though, if Byrnes can get back to his 2007 production levels, he could be a valuable guy off the bench and who could spell Young or Jackson on any given day.  Either way, it sure sounds like he is serious about getting the ship righted once again.  I commend him for that and hopefully many other Dbacks fans do as well.

Go Dbacks!

Scott Allen