Diamondbacks News

Byrnes Continues the Wait

By Scott Allen

The way the Dbacks have been playing in Spring Training so far, they might need some extra help, maybe from an energizer, such as Eric Byrnes?  Well, hold those thoughts.  Byrnes, who is coming off an injury plagued 2008 season has yet to make his spring debut.

Hamstring injuries are a tricky thing.  Plus you don’t want to see him come back too soon, especially in an exhibition game where the results mean nothing more than to the individual.  So the Dbacks plan on holding out Byrnes at least until the end of the week and then go from there.

I personally can not wait to see what he has to offer.  I’m sure Byrnes feels like he owes the fans something for his poor play last year prior to his injury.  Then to compound the issue with his season ending injury, only seemed to fuel the fire he was grossly overpaid and was widely considered a bust.

Hardly.  He is an energizer who can motivate.  He keeps team morale up.  He is an inspiration off the field.  Last week he had a field dedicated in his name, only to turn around and have it renamed for Saulo Morris, a local high school student who he got close with, that had leukemia and unfortunately passed away in early December.  I kept a daily tab on Saulo through his online journal and what he went through was obviously quite an ordeal.  So for Byrnes, not only was he hurting on the outside, he was hurting on the inside.

Byrnes is a class act.  Say what you want about his play, but no one works harder and cares more about the game and the people surrounding it than he does.  We all get frustrated with his on the field play at times.  Let’s hope he can get that turned around and have a successful 2009 season.  If that means he doesn’t take any at bats until the end of spring, I’m ok with that.

Scott Allen