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Prediction Time – National League

By Scott Allen

Here are my predictions for the 2009 MLB Season

National League


Atlanta, Florida, Philadelphia, New York, Washington


St. Louis, Chicago, Milwaukee, Houston, Cincinnati


Los Angeles, Arizona, San Francisco, Colorado, San Diego


Los Angeles vs. Atlanta, St. Louis vs. Chicago

NL Championship:

Atlanta vs. Chicago

NL Champ:


NL MVP:  Albert Pujols

NL CY Young:  Derek Lowe

Sorry Dbacks fans, unless Arizona gets rid of its inconsistencies, it will be hard for them to win the NL West.  If Arizona can maintain a solid bullpen, obtain consistent clutch hitting, and get some luck along the way, they can contend with Los Angeles.  I am just being honest.  It pains to pick the Dodgers first, but the reality is, they are the best in the west right now.  Also watch out for the Giants.  They may surprise some.