Diamondbacks News

Roof Closed For Opener

By Scott Allen

The retractable roof at Chase Field, you know, the one we paid millions of tax dollars for, will be closed during today’s opener against the Colorado Rockies.

I know people are tired of talking about this subject year in and year out.  I can see both sides of the fence on this one.  First, it is April and it is a day game, and it’s opener.  All reasons to have it open today.  However the forecast calls for 88 degrees this afternoon.  Now, that is pretty warm I must say.  Also, for those people in the upper deck that would have direct sunlight, it would be miserable for awhile, but probably not the entire game.   Here is my thought though.  We just sat through temps just like that during spring training.  Also, I know it used to be this way, although I don’t know what the official policy is now, but it used to be the roof would only close if the temperature was above 91 degrees.

The roof will be open tomorrow night and for Wednesday’s day game.  I can only surmise the forecasted temperature on Wednesday of 77 had something to do with that.  Either way, we won’t get many opportunities to sit in sun during the season.  I’ve done it and yes and it can get a little uncomforatble for a little while, but the sun and the earth continue to move and if even a slight breeze appears, it feels great on a mid-80’s day.