Diamondbacks News

Another Day, Another Loss

By Scott Allen

When the Arizona offense finally decides to wake up, they might want to let Dan Haren know before he takes the mound, so as he know where he stands.  As it is, Haren has now taken the mound twice and lost twice, although both times he has deserved wins.  After losing 3-1 today at Chase Field against the Dodgers, Haren must be thinking what else he needs to do.  Granted, he wasn’t as sharp as last Tuesday against Colorado, but he pitched more than well enough to win today.

The Dbacks managed just three hits after squeezing out just six last night.  It’s a scary trend that unfrotunately is going to get old quick and if not corrected, even in a weak NL West, they will find themselves out of the race before April ends.

Now St. Louis comes to town.  They are 5-2.  I’m hoping, but not expecting things get any better.

Player of the game: Randy Wolf, LA.  He stymied the Dbacks hitters.  Although I’d like to say it was all Dbacks not hitting well, some of the credit should be given to the Dodgers lefty.

It was over when: The Dodgers got a  run on a double play ball.  The rule was even though it was a double play and the ball never hit the ground, the runner on third was not required to tag up in that case, therefore because he crossed the plate before the second out, the run counted.  I understand the Dbacks frustration with the call, but it is even more frustrating the Dbacks were not aware of the rule.

Up Next: vs St. Louis Cardinals, Monday night 6:40pm, Chase Field