Diamondbacks News

Webb to the DL

By Scott Allen

You know, they should have just done this to begin with.  When Brandon Webb complained of soreness on Tuesday, they should have placed him on the DL, which is exactly what they did today, retroactive to Tuesday.  Instead, we were strung along.  First, the MRI came back clean.  Then on Friday night after that came back clean, then it was announced Webb would play catch today in order to prepare for his start at the end of the week.

This morning, the inevitable.  Webb is headed to the 15-day DL.  It is still retroactive to Tuesday and it is a good move to ensure he is healthy all season.  It’s just did we have to wait until Sunday to realize the obvious?  The 15-day DL also has that ridiculous retroactive rule.  Why have it really?  In essence, he will actually be on the DL for 10 days.  Webb and the team claim it is just nothing other than a precaution.  I hope so.  However, why do I still feel we aren’t being told the entire story?