Diamondbacks News

Offense Continues Vacation, Dbacks lose 2-1

By Scott Allen

Another day, same result.

The Dbacks managed nine hits on Monday evening at Chase field against the St. Louis Cardinals.  Unfortunately only one of them found their way to home plate.  Arizona, despite some good pitching for a change from Doug Davis, once again decided it was a nice enough night to keep the offense under lock and key.

In related news, Justin Upton was able to continue his quest for a hitless season, going 0-3.  It has to just be a matter of time before he is sent to the minors.  Something has to change and it better happen quickly.  You can say it is still too early to panic, however at 2-5 the Dbacks continue to slide and there are no signs it will get any better before it gets much worse.

Tonight it was two solo shots, one each from Albert Pujols and Brian Barden that did in Davis.  Davis went eight innings while striking out five.  Tomorrow night, it’s the season debut of Max Scherzer.  Anyone want to bet Pujols takes him yard too?

Player of the Game: Although the offense was off and they still lost, I’ll give it to Davis.  A strong effort.

It was over when: Tony Clark hit a fly ball to end the game.  The pitching kept the Dbacks in it until the end.  Clark flew out with Mark Reynolds on first.

Up Next: vs. St. Louis, 6:40pm Chase Field