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Dbacks Offense Needs Wake Up Call

By Scott Allen

For the third straight outing for Dan Haren last night, he was above average yet failed to receive any assistance from the offense.  The Dbacks offense seems to be on an indefinite vacation.  It might be just me, and I’m sure it’s not, however maybe the Dbacks need to do something about it.  Whether it’s sending someone down to Reno (Justin Upton?), waiving a player (Eric Byrnes?), or trading a player (Chad Tracy?).

Something has to give.  There is no reason why Dan Haren should have been pulled from last night’s 2-0 loss in San Francisco in the 7th inning when he was down only 1-0 at the time.  He had only thrown 79 pitches and had only given up 1 run and 5 hits.  Because the Dbacks managed to get two runners on in the 7th, manager Bob Melvin decided to pull Dan Haren, who actually could have had a better at bat than Tony Clark if given the chance.  Haren is a decent hitting pitcher.  I guess I understand the move from an offensive standpoint, but it was still only 1-0 and it was the 7th.  You could have let Haren hit in the 7th and if unsuccessful, then let him pitch the 7th and 8th while in the 8th you would start with the top of the order.  Second guessing will always be there, but in this case most definitely.

Today’s game is at 1:05.  Good luck Dbacks.  Let’s see if the offense got their wake up call today.