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Dbacks Lose Another Series

By Scott Allen

Make that five out of six.  Series that the Dbacks have lost so far to start the season.  After falling 5-1 to the Giants Friday and 5-3 on Saturday, the Dbacks assured themselves of another losing series.

The story seems to be more of the same.  Here is my top ten list of reasons why the Dbacks are not winning.

  • Hitting, or lack thereof. Hitting coach Rick Schu needs to go.
  • Relief pitching, more specifically Jon Rauch and Doug Slaten
  • Poor Baserunning
  • Lack of timely hitting.  Can’t get the big hit with runners in scoring position
  • Eric Byrnes
  • Justin Upton needs to go back to Reno
  • An injured ace, Brandon Webb.  One could argue though it may not matter
  • Giving up early leads.  It’s a trend that’s developing
  • Not re-signing Randy Johnson.  Not as effective tonight, but still has the fire and it shows
  • The rest of the NL, minus Washington, is just simply better

The Dbacks fall further and further behind with each Dodgers win.  Please don’t say it’s early.  I’ve always found that to be a ridiculous excuse.  They all count.  If you lose the division by one game (which will not be a worry for this team), then you could look back at one of the leads this team has already given up this season.