Diamondbacks News

Finally Hitting the Road

By Scott Allen

It is true.  Major League Baseball has scheduled road games for the Arizona Diamondbacks this season.  As much as they’ve grown comfortable living at home for the first 18 out of 21 games, it was bound to happen.  Save for one short road jaunt to San Francisco against the Giants, the Diamondbacks will finally get to take to the road for eight games in three cities.

It starts tonight in Milwaukee against the BrewersMax Scherzer will take to the mound against Jeff Suppan tonight.  If things go south fast, which they could as the Brew Crew have won seven of eight, Bob Melvin and the Dbacks  could use the following excuses:

  • “We thought all games started at 6:40”
  • “It was the Swine Flu
  • “We forgot to bring our bats on the trip”….actually, that might be actual truth, never mind
  • “We filled up on brats prior to the game in the parking lot.  Looking back, probably not the best choice”
  • “Two words: Trevor Hoffman
  • “It was the Swine Flu….oh we used that one already?  It doesn’t seem like it”

Maybe they come out on all cylinders?  Ok ok, now that I’ve picked myself up off the floor from laughing so hard, maybe they really will do well….ok ok, I promise, I’ll stop.  I’ll be here all week – try the Pork Carnitas.

By the way guys – we bat first.  Go Dbacks!