Diamondbacks News

Rain Saves Dbacks From Loss Again

By Scott Allen

The rain is starting to become the Arizona Diamondbacks best opponent.  Count that now as three straight game days without a loss.  They have now been rained out two days in a row.  I suppose that’s one way to avoid more losses.  You know, eventually a sunny day or a roof will find them and unfortunately they will have to go out and play nine.

The Dbacks were down 1-0 to the Florida Marlins in the fourth inning and not looking like they were getting anything going once again for hard luck Dan Haren, who deserves a better offense behind him.

Maybe they can hope for rain again tomorrow.  After all, they are in Miami.  Maybe they can go diving with Dolphins.  From the sounds of it, they might be able to do that right in the streets of Miami over the next couple of days.

Gone fishing.