Diamondbacks News

What’s Hot, What’s Not

By Scott Allen

In the midst of a terrible season by the Arizona Diamondbacks, there have been areas and individuals on this team that have been hot and not so hot.  A closer look:


Justin Upton – this guy is plain sick.  Take this evening in San Diego for example.  All night he had been given pitches to just crank out of the yard, yet seemed to be just a step away from doing it.  Then in the eighth inning, he connected on a straight away center shot.  That is hard to do in San Diego, espeically at night like he did.

Dan Haren – he deserves a much better fate.  No run support.  He would be the front runner in the Cy Young race if not for the Diamondbacks offense.

Mark Reynolds offense – sure he strikes out a lot and it is maddening no doubt.  However, you can see some improvements in his offensive game.  He is hitting with runners in scoring position.  He is running the bases like a true pro.  He can anger you and excite you all in the same at-bat.  At least you get a sense of what will he do next.  Much unlike….

What’s not hot….

Chris Young – man they need to do something with this guy.  Pops up way too many times.  No excuse for hitting under .200.  He’s too good of a talent for that.  Or is he?  Have we truly overrated this guy?  Speaking of pop-ups…

Eric Byrnes – he seemed to come out of a little bit of a pop-up shell a couple of weeks ago however has seemed to crawl back in.  Still not getting timely hits more consistently.

Dbacks bullpen – they’ve blown at least four games in the past week and a half and almost gave away two others.  No beating around the bush on this one.  They’re horrible from top to bottom.