Diamondbacks News

Little Life In Dbacks as They Lose to Astros

By Scott Allen

Two out of three.

That’s how many games the Astros took this past weekend against the Dbacks.  That is a result that repeats itself over and over when discussing series’ as a whole.

I went to today’s game, a Dbacks 8-3 loss to Houston, and got a great view from the Home Run Porch at Chase Field.  I was able to come to some conclusions about this team.

Billy Buckner is not very good.  His first couple of starts were just abberations.  I knew this about his before he was re-called to take the fifth spot in the rotation.

Mark Reynolds can hit the ball a long way, but man does he strike out a lot.  They did a comparison on the telecast today ( I was able to watch the Fox Sports Arizona feed from my seat as we had built in TV’s at our seats on the porch) of Mark Reynolds and Carlos Lee of the Houston Astros.  Lee is hitting .313, Reynolds an improved .277.  Lee has struck out just 18 times this season.  Reynolds 88 times.  Whoa!

Jon Rausch is still a Diamondback.  Why?  He gave up two more runs today.  He’s an assured disappointment every time he takes the mound.  I’d have a better time getting my head shaved with a generic Big razor and no shaving cream than watching this guy take the mound.

Chris Young is improving, but is still below .200.  Why is this guy still around?  Oh yeah, I forgot, the money thing.  Ditto with Eric “Pop-up” Byrnes.

Juan Gutierrez is a waste.  I’m glad I didn’t have to watch him today after he gave up three critical runs in Saturday night’s game.

I could go on and on.  However this is the story that is being told over and over again from every outlet.  So why waste my time.  I think I will go watch the Lakers.  Oh my, did I just say that out loud??