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Bernie Madoff Sentenced to 150 Years, Dbacks Fans Start to Feel Same Pain

By Scott Allen

Convicted investor/ former Nasdaq chairman Bernie Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison today.  I’ll be the first and probably not the last to tell you that Arizona Diamondbacks fans probably feel the same about their team as Bernie Madoff feels right now. 

There is one difference though – Bernie Madoff deserved every minute he got and then some.  He swindled millions out of investors and left many pennieless.  I am glad to see he got the maximum he could have received.

As a Diamondback fan, I am feeling like I’ve been sentenced though to 150 years of bad baseball.  This season has been that rough!  The Dbacks are 1-8 in their last nine games, including sweeps by the Seattle Mariners and Los Angeles Angels.  I found it interesting today that before their 12-8 loss to the Angels, manager A.J. Hinch had a team meeting about the lack of concentration, all the errors and mental mistakes, and the overall team attitude.  How do they follow that meeting up?  With a four error game.  Amazing.  Just truly amazing.  I’m running out of words to describe the lowness this team is reaching. 

Word is Hinch has had to break up some in-house scuffles.  I mentioned to my buddy Josh this morning that Hinch has lost this team.  He made a great point by saying, “no he hasn’t, he never had it.”  Exactly.

The Dbacks continue to drag their fans through this mess.  ABC 15’s Craig Fouhy said this team is playing AA Ball.  Couldn’t have been said much better.  It is going to be a long season and I see no way this team avoids 100 losses.  At least it won’t make 150 losses, right?  Give this team 200 games though and it might have happened.