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Diprivan May Have Been Given to Michael Jackson but Dan Haren All Natural

By Scott Allen

No Diprivan here.

Pop Cultural Icon Michael Jackson may be reported to have taken the drug, however you won’t find any of that in Arizona Diamondbacks starting pitcher Dan Haren.  Haren pitched seven very strong innings tonight in a 6-2 victory over the Cincinnati Reds. He’s a pitching God and it’s all by natural doing.

Haren continued his march towards the N.L. Cy Young Award with another quality start.  He is heads above the rest when it comes to quality starts.  He struck out nine, giving up only four hits and one run.  Domination is putting it lightly when it comes to this guy.

Not only did Haren excel on the mound but he hit his fourth double of the season and belted his first home run of the season.  It was a sight to see.  He even mentioned in post game interviews how he thought it was going to go even further than it did.  He is a pretty cool customer.  Quite a complete player if you ask me.  There is something wrong if Haren doesn’t take the mound in St. Louis in two weeks.  Haren may be 7-5, but when it comes to the All-Star Game, it’s all about individuals.  Haren is the best individual pitcher hands down in baseball this season.

So, the Dbacks have won one game in a row.  I guess you need to start somewhere, right?  Too bad the Dbacks are preparing to move a lot of players.  That’s the reality facing us as we head into the month of July, 31 days from the trade deadline.

Scott Allen