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4th Of July Celebrates Many Freedoms

By Scott Allen

The 4th of July celebrates America’s freedom.  As part of that freedom, we have the ability to write about anything we want and that includes the Arizona Diamondbacks.  We can say whatever we want.  We can go wherever we want (even if that means having to sit through another horrible Dbacks loss at Chase Field).  Sure, most of the news surrounding the Dbacks this season has been negative, nauseating, and difficult to describe at times.

However, celebrating our freedom allows me to print such negative news and print my opinion about our team from Phoenix.  After last night’s 5-0 shutout loss to the Colorado Rockies, it is very clear this team is done.  Managing only 10 hits over the past three games, the offense has taken an early All-Star break vacation.  So, why continue to beat a dead horse with news you already know?

You can pretty much compare the Diamondbacks season to many different things, but I can point out a couple.

Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest was held today with Joey Chesnut retaining his title, setting a world-record with 68 hot dogs eaten.  That’s about how sick I feel after watching a Dbacks game….like I just ate 68 hot dogs.  The lack of offense is just purely sick.  It was a probalem early in the season, then it got going again.  Once again though, it has taken a vacation.  This time it might be for the rest of the season I fear.

Sarah Palin quit as Alaska Governor yesterday, announcing she is stepping down as Alaska’s top dog in three weeks.  Coinciding with that announcement, the Arizona Diamondbacks announced they are stepping down as a real Major League Baseball team for the rest of the season.  Actually they are already doing that, however it appears by their play over the past couple of weeks, they started their process a little earlier than announced.  This week’s play just confirmed it.

Scott Allen