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Haren Loses All-Star Start Bid to Lincecum

By Scott Allen

I suppose if you are the best pitcher in Major League Baseball and don’t get selected to start the All-Star Game in St. Louis, the next best thing is #1A, San Francisco Giants Starting Pitcher Tim Lincecum.  However this should never have even been a debate.  Arizona Diamondbacks Starting Pitcher Dan Haren was jobbed by Philadelphia Phillies and All-Star Game National League Manager Charlie Manuel, hands down.  Haren apparently did receive consideration.  Really?  Receive consideration?  Well, consider this…

Outside of wins/losses and strikeouts, which I’ll get to later, it should have been a no-brainer.

Dan Haren owns the best ERA in the National League at 2.01.  Lincecum is close by at 2.33.

Dan Haren has given up 16 walks as opposed to Lincecum’s 34.

Dan Haren has 130 innings pitched to Lincecum’s 127.2 in the same number of starts – 18,  so that’s basically a wash.

Dan Haren has given up 89 hits.  Lincecum 100.

Dan Haren’s opponent’s average is .189.  Lincecum .215.

They both have 3 complete games.

Do I really need to go on??  Well, apparently so because the following reasons are why Lincecum went on to be named the starter.

Lincecum reportedly got the nod because he got sick last year and missed the game completely and also because he was the Cy Young winner in 2008.  That’s a bunch of crap.  The nod should be about this year – period! Lincecum is 10-2, Haren is 9-5.  Um, the last time I checked the All-Star game is based on individual performance, not team performance.  Let’s take a look at all the reasons why Haren has only 1 less victory.  The Diamondbacks had trouble scoring for him early in the season.  Lack of offense has been a reason for no decisions.  Haren has really only lost one game on his own.  He leads the National League in quality starts.

So every reason Manuel can give is just BS in and out my ears.  Don’t get me wrong, Lincecum is outstanding.  Lincecum is the second best pitcher in baseball this season.  Haren is better.  Period.

Scott Allen