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Miguel Montero Remains Hotter Than a Summer Phoenix Day

By Scott Allen

They call him “Miggy”.  I call him hot.

Whatever you call him, Arizona Diamondbacks catcher Miguel Montero is making National League pitchers take notice.  Hitting .292 after his second at bat today, and just hitting a three-run homer in today’s game in Colorado for a total of  nine homers now to go along with 27 RBI, Montero has taken advantage of playing everyday in the absence of Chris Snyder.

Relegated to spot duty, platoon at best, over the first couple of years of his career in the majors, Montero is showing what it is like to have him behind the plate on an everyday basis.  Right now, that show is quite impressive.  He seems to be locked in, even when he makes an out.

Take today’s second at-bat for example.  He over swings for strike one, lulling Rockies pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez into thinking he can’t the fastball.  He threw him another one and Montero jacked it over the right center field wall.

Montero, as I type, just missed another homer, ends up a sacrifice fly and getting the runner Mark Reynolds over to third.  This is good stuff.  Even his outs are hard and productive.

Chris Snyder, whom I like as a defensive catcher and has the potential to hit .275-.300 as well but isn’t right now, migh have a hard time getting his everyday job back.  The roles have reversed.  Hopefully Montero continues the hot streak to give the Dbacks some consistencyat the catcher position, both behind the plate and at the dish.

Scott Allen