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Rerun Alert: Dbacks Lose As Defense Has Another Let Down

By Scott Allen

Dan Haren worked hard.  Had nothing to show for it except for a tired arm after 117 pitched in only five innings of work.

Chad Tracy worked hard and the only thing he had to show for it was an 0-4 effort and a throwing error that cost the Dbacks a run, one in which ended up as the difference maker in a 4-3 loss to the Philadelphia Phillies this evening.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Dbacks defense is atrocious.  It is about as good as the world’s defense against the alien invasion in Independance Day, except at the end of that movie, at least they gave themselves a fighting chance.  Every error this team makes seems to doom them for the remainder of the game.  They showed a little life in the ninth after a two-run homer by Mark Reynolds, however after accumulating only five hits tonight, it is clear the Dbacks have about as much chance of hitting against a good team as I do of hitting water in a dry lake.

Also disturbing is the fact it is becoming more clear as each day passes, that A.J. Hinch doesn’t know how to manage a game.

He shows no passion.  The guy questions calls as often as the temperature stays below 100 here in the summertime.

He makes questionable moves.  How do you allow Haren finish the fifth inning after 117 pitches, then send him to the plate to hit in the bottom of the fifth, then replace him with Clay Zavada in the top of the sixth.  He isn’t giving his team a fighting chance.  What was he doing?  Saving a pinch hitter for later?  For what?  With the way this team is going, you need to give yourself every chance to win now.  Don’t worry about later.  Lately there haven’t been too much laters.  Clearly that was the issue again tonight.

A.J. Hinch might be a nice guy, however you know what happens to nice guys.  I certainly do.