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Brandon Webb Decides to Call it a Season and Have Surgery

By Scott Allen

One start in 2009.  That’s all Brandon Webb will get.

After setback after setback and taking time to try to heal whatever it is that needs to heal for Webb, he has decided to undergo surgery on Monday, which will hopefully resolve the issues Webb has been experiencing all season.

It’s unfortunate, as that most likely seals the deal in Webb not returning to the Dbacks in 2010.  I wish the Arizona Diamondbacks would take into account all this guy has done for this organization, however, clearly money talks in this situation and it is rumored the Dbacks will not be picking up his 2010 option, going from Cy Young in 2006 and ace in 2007 and 2008, to an after thought in 2009 and gone in 2010.  It’s a sad state of affairs in the front office if they give up on this man who has been trying everything to return this season, even though the Dbacks have been out of the race since week one.

Scott Allen