Diamondbacks News

Upton to DL, Oeltjen Called Up

By Scott Allen

The Arizona Diamondbacks’ Justin Upton just found himself on the disabled list again, at the same time as he found himself on the DL last season.  He strained his right oblique muscle after injuring his left one last season.

In his place, meet Trent Oletjen.  All he did in his debut tonight was so far go 2-5 with a single and home run.  He got the single in his first at-bat as a major-leaguer.  I say so far because the game is still currently in action, with Arizona just taking a commanding 11-6 lead over the Pittsburgh Pirates with five runs in the 12th.

It’s too bad about Upton.  Normally this could have ended up being a disasterous injury for Upton, who has put up 20 HR and 66 RBI so far this season.  If this team were in a pennant race, it would be more concerning.  However you look at it, you hate to see the guy hurt with the season he is having, however the Dbacks have the luxury of allowing Upton to take his time to heal.

Go Dbacks!

Scott Allen