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Diamondbacks Blown Out of Philly

By Scott Allen

43-12.  That’s all you need to know about the last five games for your Arizona Diamondbacks. Five games, five laughers – for the opponents.

Sunday – Los Angeles Dodgers 9, Arizona 3

Monday – Atlanta Braves 9, Arizona 4

Tuesday – Philadelphia Phillies 5, Arizona 1

Wednesday – Philadelphia 8, Arizona 1

Thursday – Philadelphia 12, Arizona 3

Quite embarrassing and quite the lack of effort from both the pitching and the defense.  Dan Haren has even fallen off the face of the great pitching planet.  He didn’t even stop on his way to the good pitching planet – he fell all the way to the Doug Slaten planet….ugghh, the baseball equivalent of hell.

There’s no need to recap it all.  The scores should say it all.  At least the Dbacks managed a handful more hits than last night.

I figured the Dbacks stopped trying to win, why should I continue to bust my tail to get up a blog every night for them.  It’s almost to the point where there’s not much more complaining that can be done.  The writing has been on the wall since Spring Training with this team.  For awhile Mark Reynolds made it interesting to watch with his home run tear.  This week, he looks more like the old Reynolds, with a lot of strikeouts.  He did have two hits tonight, but clearly it wasn’t even close to putting a dent in the train that is the Phillies right now.

Is it March yet?

Scott Allen