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Dbacks Ditching MLB Talent for Minor Leaguers

By Scott Allen

The purge continues.

Last night the Arizona Diamondbacks traded starter Jon Garland to the Los Angeles Dodgers, while they were playing – the Los Angeles Dodgers.  He didn’t have to walk far, going from one clubhouse to the other.

I love how the Dbacks have just given up on this season, and I’m not just talking about the players.  The moves the Dbacks have made this season has been mind bottling.  Yeah, I said mind bottling.

They traded Tony Pena. Two months too late.

They waived Tony Clark. Three months too late.

They sent Chris Young to the minors.  That should have been done in April.  Then they called him back up in favor of the .250 hitting Trent Oeltjen.  Go figure.

They traded Jon Rausch.  They should have cut him in April, but they carried him and his 15 plus ERA into May and after May 22nd, actually became this team’s best reliever hands down.  Then they traded him in August – to the Minnesota Twins, a team not destined for the playoffs.

I do like some of the young talent that has arrived this season.  Gerardo Parra, Oeltjen, John Hester, Rusty Ryal, and Ryan Roberts, they are all destined for something great in 2010 I believe.

I just hope Dan Haren isn’t traded to the Colorado Rockies for some bottled up Denver air and a mascot to be named later.  Come to think of it, it is September 1st, I think we’re good – until March.  Aye!

Scott Allen