Diamondbacks News

Not Much Spoiling Going On

By Scott Allen

The Arizona Diamondbacks had been playing well over the past couple of weeks until they hit yet another roadblock this week – two good teams.  The Diamondbacks have fallen flat on this 7 game road trip, so far going 2-4 after back to back losses in Colorado to the Rockies.

I’m not sure what it is.  Is it the good teams?  Is it the Dbacks have given up?  I don’t think that’s what it is, although it does seem like they are just going through the motions these days.  Last night, starter Doug Davis gave up a couple of runs early and the Dbacks never recovered.  One of their strong suits early was their knack to comeback.  Now that they are out of the playoff race (although they were never really in it), it seems at times they just want to get this season over with.  However, last week it seemed maybe after a five game win streak and six wins out of seven, maybe they could play the role of spoiler.

Nope.  Not so much.

The only thing they are doing these days is spoiling my appetite whenever they leave runners on base, or swing at ppitches 45 feet out of the strikezone, or allow Chris Young to hit.  You know, things like that.

My only hope is with a handful of home games left, is they leave a good taste in our mouths with their September play and have us yearning for February to come around when the team reports for spring training.

Scott Allen