Diamondbacks News

Diamondbacks Quick Hits

By Scott Allen

Now that the World Series is over, free agency has begun. The Arizona Diamondbacks have started to make their off-season roster moves.

Pitcher Brandon Webb had his option picked up.  As well as it should have been.  Webb has done the most for this franchise since the 2001 World Series.  It’s just a shame it took this long for the Dbacks to say they’ll give him another shot.

Infielder Chad Tracy is no more.  Also no more is pitcher Yusmeiro Petit and Doug Slaten.  None of these three were surprises.  Tracy was more a victim of circumstance and injury.  Petit and Slaten just weren’t that good.  Petit looked good for two or three weeks in August, but other than that they were basically a waste of space on the field.

Catcher Chris Snyder was almost traded to the Toronto Blue Jays on Sunday.  The his bad back came to light and the Blue Jays decided against.  We almost had Lyle Overbay back.  Color me the most excited that this trade did not happen.  Snyder will be gone at some point no doubt, but why Overbay? Makes no sense.

Rumor is that the Dbacks are looking to get Livan Hernandez back.  Again, why?  I guess the Dbacks missed diarrhea boy.  Don’t foget, this was the guy a couple of seasons ago said he would play through anything, including a bout of diarrhea.  No, really, he said that.

Oh the fun is just starting….

Scott Allen