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Proposed Three-Way Deal Not Good For Dbacks

By Scott Allen

By now you’ve heard about the proposed on again off again deal involving the Diamondbacks, Tigers, and Yankees.  In the deal, the Diamondbacks would get pitchers Edwin Jackson and Ian Kennedy.  In return, the Dbacks send pitcher Max Scherzer and Daniel Schlereth.  Please say it ain’t so Josh Byrnes!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I like Jackson.  I don’t like the money situation.  If the Dbacks get Jackson, they are on the hook for some serious money.  So much so, it probably leaves them out of the running for any more free agents in this off-season.  What is also does is it rids the Dbacks of Max Scherzer and Daniel Schlereth, two young promising arms.  I realize we still don’t know what the right role for Scherzer is, whether it is as a starter or reliever.  However, thius team over the past few years has been known to give up on promising talent early.  Brad Penny, Lyle Overbay, Dan Uggla, I could go on forever.  I worry the Dbacks hit the panic mode before they know what they have.  On the flip side, they tend to hang on to veterans a little too long.  You know them too, names like Eric Byrnes, Tony Clark, Doug Slaten, again just to name a few.  I will never understand Josh Byrnes and this current organization.  At least win or lose, you knew what you were getting when Jerry Colangelo and Steve Garagiola were running the show.

I know what we will get if this deal is pulled off.  A couple of decent arms that are going to cost some money that will not be around as long as Scherzer and Schlereth.  Ughhh….do I really want Spring Training to come along?

Scott Allen