Diamondbacks News

If You Have a Pulse, the Dbacks May be Calling

By Scott Allen

It sounds like Arizona Diamondbacks General Manager Josh Byrnes is willing to sign just about anyone up these days.  After last weeks “blockbuster” trade, obtaining pitchers Edwin Jackson and Ian Kennedy, the Dbacks are not through apparently.

Now they’ve turned their attention to Atlanta Braves free-agent second baseman Kelly Johnson and Pittsburgh Pirates free-agent pitcher Matt Capps. Really?  Why do we need Johnson?  He was a huge prospect a few years ago who showed a lot of promise.  He’s sort of slipped off the radar the past couple of years.  Did you notice the picture that azcentral.com showed of him in their story?  It was him making an error in a a game against the Dbacks last season.  The confidence in his ability is exuding.

As for Capps?  His 5.80 ERA was nothing to write home about in 2009.  So I beg the question for both players, why?  At second base, we just re-signed Augie Ojeda.  He will need to be traded if Johnson signs.  Johnson may end up with a better batting average, however, he lacks the intangibles that Ojeda brings to the team.

It seems as if the Diamondbacks are doing something just for the sake of saying they did something.  Last week’s trade would have been ok, had it not meant giving up on two young pitchers with still a lot of upswing left.  I’d rather they did nothing then trying scrape the bottom of the free-agent barrel.  It is fair to say, as we still sit over three months from opening day, I am more worried about this season’s team than I was when the season ended in Chicago on October 3rd.

Scott Allen