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Dbacks Sign Another Reliever

By Scott Allen

The Arizona Diamondbacks continue their sign anyone who is available and doesn’t cost and arm and a leg strategy, as they have signed reliever Bob Howry.  Howry had a 3.39 ERA last season in San Francisco.

They say they are still waiting and seeing what will happen with former Dback Jose Valverde.  Hmmm…

Just amazing.  I have nothing against the pickup of Howry, but is just seems to me they are willing to take anyone who can pickup a baseball and can do it with average success.  I realize there aren’t 10 Albert Pujols or Mariano Rivera’s out there, but also, the Dbacks seem to be avoiding the youth movement.  Sure the Dbacks lost 92 games in 2009 with the youth, but you have to give it sometime to work.  I hope the current strategy does work, but Howry isn’t any spring chicken.  Oh, and why Valverde? We gave up on him two years ago.  He didn’t improve all that much in Houston?  What makes him a better fit than Chad Qualls today?  Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Scott Allen