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Dbacks Reportedly Sign Kelly Johnson

By Scott Allen

Depending on who you believe, it appears the Arizona Diamondbacks have signed second baseman Kelly Johnson.

I knew this day was probably coming, but I have to ask why?  I know Johnson has the ability to break out and be a star, maybe, but he was a defensive and offensive liability for the Atlanta Braves last year, hence the reason they chose not to re-sign him.

What this ultimately means is the end of the Augie Ojeda era in Arizona.  Most likely this means his trade is forthcoming.  Too bad.  Ojeda didn’t put up the biggest numbers, however what he did do was put some of the best hustle anyone in this organization has put forth.  You could always count on Augie showing up for work and earning his paycheck.  I’m not saying Johnson won’t, but this isn’t a major upgrade in my opinion. I hope I eat these words come next season, right now, I can only go by what I know now.

So long Augie, it was great having you!

Can I get one more Augie Augie Augie???

Scott Allen