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Wet Weekend in Tucson Doesn’t Stop D’backs From Taking Field

By Scott Allen

The march towards October has officially begun.

Amid scattered showers and cool weather, the Arizona Diamondbacks officially opened their 2010 spring training in Tucson this weekend.  What’s the saying, neither rain nor sleet, nor snow….something like that.  I like what I am seeing and hearing already.

It is clear the D’backs are ready to move past last season.  When you have position players show up on the first day with pitchers and catchers, you know you have the right players on your roster.  Already I like the attitude.  Third baseman Mark Reynolds showed up on Saturday.  He was the one who called out the players last summer after a very disappointing effort and loss in Colorado.  Reynolds is the type of leader that everyone can and should lean on.  Even as he only goes into his fourth season in the majors, his third full one, he is someone players should listen to and follow suit.

I love the attitude, the effort and appreciate hearing players are ready to forget the past and live in the now.  Now let’s hope Reynolds get’s his extension.

Scott Allen