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Diamondbacks Position Preview: Third Base

By Scott Allen

Mark Reynolds.

That’s all you need to know about third base when it comes to the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Reynolds, who has a knack for making the spectacular plays, has the chance to turn himself into a superstar at the hot corner.  A couple of things though have dogged Reynolds over his first few seasons.  Although he makes spectacular plays, it’s the routine ones that still had a hard time being completed successfully on a consistent basis.  I expect things to change defensively from Reynolds this season.  Now going into his fourth season, Reynolds hasn’t been helped from the switches from third to first and back again.  Although he could still fill in at first, with the addition of Adam Laroche and return of Conor Jackson, I don’t see much of a need for Reynolds at first base this season.

Looking at what Reynolds brings to the plate, well, we all know what he brings.  Usually it’s feast or famine.  He hit 40 home runs in 2010, but really tailed off in September down the stretch.  He managed to strike out a lot in 2009.  No change from 2008.  I’m not sure you will see much change there again in 2010.  I think we all need to realize this is who Mark Reynolds is.  He is going to strike out.  However, he needs to make fewer outs in other fashions.  His batting average was really low for someone who hit 40 home runs and 100 RBI’s in 2009.  Like I said, it’s feat or famine.  If he can hover with his average around .280 or better, then he may end up being the superstar we all hope he can be.  It should also go a long way in helping the Dbacks score more runs too.

The one thing I like from Reynolds though is his leadership.  He called out the team in Colorado for what seemed to be giving up after a bad loss.  For a player only in his third season, that was quite impressive.  I like his attitude.  There is no reason to believe he can’t fix what needs fixing in his own game and contribute even more than he already has to this point.

Scott Allen