Diamondbacks News

Upton Gets His, Reynolds May Be Next

By Scott Allen

If reports are true, Justin Upton has been shown the money.  Now he just needs to show his stuff consistently on the field.  The Arizona Diamondbacks reportedly are about to give the outfielder a six-year deal worth about $51 million. 

My guess is Mark Reynolds is close behind.  Let’s hope.

Upton, who started off the 2009 season very slow before really coming on in May and June, is still very young.  He has tremendous upswing.  He still has some cobs in the web when it comes to strikeouts and fielding, but he has made tremendous progress and the Diamondbacks have noticed.

What I would like to see is Upton be even more productive from an offensive and defensive standpoint on a more consistent basis.  Consistency is the key.  He also can’t afford to get off to the same rocky start he got of too last season.  Not now.  Not with this new contract.  I guarantee, whether deserved or not, fans will boo and turn quickly on him if by mid to end of April Upton is looking at the same stats he was at the same point last season.

Congrats to Upton though.  This proves the Dbacks are willing to be in it with him for the long haul and clearly have seen enough they expect big things from him in the coming years ahead.

Scott Allen