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Dbacks Not Starting Spring on Right Foot

By Scott Allen

I know we are only two games into spring training, but already the look of the Arizona Diamondbacks is beginning to look awfully familiar.

After getting blown out 11-1 against the Colorado Rockies on Thursday, the Dbacks took to the field on Friday in Mesa against the Chicago Cubs and made a better game of it, thanks to a Justin Upton grand slam, losing 8-7.

You can’t read much of what will happen in only two games, but clearly the hitters are ahead of the pitchers right now, even though the Dbacks bats didn’t come to play on Thursday.  It would be silly to make any predictions of things to come.  Plenty of spring ball left.  Normally you wouldn’t say the spring is any indication of the regular season.  However last training camp proved to be exactly what the regular season would turn into.

The Dbacks are in Scottsdale today to play the San Francisco Giants.