Diamondbacks News

Call it a Case of March Madness

By Scott Allen

When the Arizona Diamondbacks came out of the gates a week and a half ago, it seemed to be more of the status quo, a replay of the 2009 season.  No hitting, poor pitching, and bad luck.  Realizing it was only week one, certainly not anytime to have concern.  Then over the past four days, the Dbacks have been an offensive machine and have thrown in some quality pitching.  They are winning again today in a game against the Texas Rangers.

What you are seeing is the team’s penchant for power.  They’ve already gone yard a couple of times today, including a monster three-run homer by Justin Upton.

Now, realizing it’s only week two, this too is nothing to get overly excited about, however it shows what the Dbacks can offer when the hitting his there, timely hitting at that, along with some quality pitching.  You though the term March Madness was only for college basketball, but clearly it is alive in baseball as well.  All the ups and downs will have us all wondering what we will see when it all starts for real in three weeks.

Scott Allen