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YES!! Mark Reynolds

By Unknown author

The Diamondbacks have made some exciting signings this spring. Thursday March 18th they made another important front office decision in signing Mark Reynolds to a 3 year contract. Mark Reynolds the 26 year old 3rd baseman is another young asset that will help our team continue to build. Although, Reynolds has trouble with strikeouts and errors (24 in 2009) his ability to put the ball in play is spectacular and thats why the organization was willing to keep him around. The move at least shows that general manager Josh Byrnes is paying attention to who makes an impact on the field for the Diamondbacks right now and who will impact the future.

Reynolds hit 44 homeruns and had 24 stolen bases becoming the first player since Alex Rodriguez in 2007 to hit 40 homers and 20 stolen bases in a season. His potential outweighs his faults and the Dbacks organization understood that. Signing Reynolds solidifies that Justin Upton will have batting support around him as he becomes the star of our team. The only thing I see that could hurt Reynolds is his inconsistency at the plate. Last year he struck out 223 times, but he has continued to improve every year since he was called up in 2007. He improved his batting average from .239 to .260 in 2009. He is a legitimate power hitter and we have him in his prime I am excited to see what he can grow to become. (Photo from Yardbarker)