Diamondbacks News

Kennedy Making Dbacks Look Smarter Everyday

By Scott Allen

When the Arizona Diamondbacks announced they were trading for Ian Kennedy, I will admit I was quite skeptical. This was a guy that the New York Yankees gave up faster than the idea of Roger Clemens bobblehead night at Yankee Stadium.  After injury the Yankees all but kicked this guy to the curb.  He had such hype early on, I thought he was going to be a guy the Yankees would hold onto for a long time.

Well, their loss is our gain.  After yesterday’s fantastic outing against the San Diego Padres, he solidifies everyone’s fears, if there were any, about his presence in the starting rotation.  The question is, where in the rotation does he fit, especially in April when Brandon Webb will be still warming up on the DL?  He may be good enough to be the number two guy right now.  Edwin Jackson hasn’t done a whole lot to write home about so far.  Dan Haren is clearly the number one.

Wherever he stands in the rotation, clearly he is a guy the the Dbacks are going to count on and it seems for awhile.  Let’s hope he doesn’t make me eat these words come a couple of weeks from now.

Scott Allen