Diamondbacks News

Getting to the Heart of the Order

By Scott Allen

Much has been discussed about how the Arizona Diamondbacks starting lineup will look this season, particularly in the lead-off spot.  As important as that is, I see the 3-4-5 spots in the rotation the key to extending innings and creating big ones too.  Right now the projected 3-4-5 would be Justin Upton, Adam Laroche, and Mark Reynolds.  How’s that for power?  Power sure, but average?  We’ll see.  We also need to see consistency.  None of this take April off and get going in May.  Do that and you can write off any chances of staying with anyone else in the NL West.  Nothing makes me question someone’s desire or ability more than a player who says he always starts slow in April.  If that’s the case, what’s he doing in March that causes that?  Spring training starts in February.

Expectations are high no doubt, especially from the power perspective with those three players.  It’s also what they do with their at-bats.  Are they being productive?  It’s great and all to get singles and doubles with no one on base. Question is, are you doing it with men on base?  Same could be argued for home runs.  The Dbacks have been masters at solo shots in the past.

I forsee some tweaking if this projected lineup doesn’t pan out early.  As of now though, I see no reason why it wouldn’t.

Scott Allen