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Dbacks Starting Rotation is Set

By Scott Allen

There is no Brandon Webb.  No Randy Johnson.  However, the Arizona Diamondbacks do have four other guys who are going to fill out the top four spots in the 2010 starting rotation. 

The number one without a doubt is Dan Haren.  Even before Webb was ruled out for the month of April, Haren was touted as the number one and opening day starter.  I’m not so worried about his results in April, although he did have some bumps in March, however I am more worried about how he is going to perform come July and later.  He’s the ace though, so we’ll have to live with whatever results come.

The number two is Edwin Jackson.  He came over from a trade with the Detroit Tigers.  I don’t have a problem with having Jackson.  I don’t like what the Dbacks gave up to get him.  Max Scherzer probably was never going to be a full-time starter, but I’m a little surprised how fast the Dbacks gave up on his young arm.  Jackson had an even bumpier road in March than Haren did. 

Ian Kennedy gets the third spot.  From day one, he was out to prove the New York Yankees wrong and I don’t blame him.  He has pitched better than I expected him to in spring training.  After dealing with injuries during his time in pin stripes, it’s time to see if he can manage to stay healthy for 2010.  The Dbacks will need him to in order to stay competitive.

Rodrigo Lopez was just announced as the number four guy in the rotation.  He pitched very well the other day and that was probably what manager A.J. Hinch was looking for, someone to step up and take the spot.  Billy Buckner sure didn’t.  He was optioned to AAA. 

Opening day is now only five days away.  The Dbacks are playing their last game in Tucson today.  Go Dbacks!

Scott Allen