Diamondbacks News

No Television for Dbacks Already

By Scott Allen

It’s only game three and already we have ourselves a game with no television.  Tonight’s Arizona Diamondbacks game against the San Diego Padres is not on television, anywhere.  It’s not even available on MLB.TV or MLB Extra Innings.  This is not exactly the way to endear yourselves to fans.  It’s a new season and for game three to not be on television is unacceptable.

Now, the sports scene in Phoenix is wild tonight.  We have the Phoenix Suns.  However, that game is on ESPN.  Why does it need to be on Fox Sports Arizona as well?  Share the wealth.  The Phoenix Coyotes are only available on NHL Center Ice, but at least there is an option. 

My point is, in a market this big, there should be alternatives in this day and age.  I checked the schedule, there are at least 12 other games I count that will not be on television, but will be available on MLB.TV.

Scott Allen